Recommended Disbursement Schedule

Please also note that the amounts shown in the schedule are excluding VAT. Users should be guided by the VAT Act.
Please find attached the disbursement schedule which has been in principle agreed with all stakeholders (Ministry of Works, Engineering Council and Namibia Council for Architects and Quantity Surveyors)

The NCAQS is of the opinion that this disbursement schedule is a reasonable reflection of reimbursable costs (to be reimbursed as per minimum fee schedules published in the Government Gazette)

Therefore NCAQS recommends that this disbursement schedule can be used by its members for private construction projects and for bidding on projects for public entities via the Procurement Act.

NCAQS urges members NOT to use this disbursement schedule for projects currently executed under the auspices of the Ministry of Works and Transport

Click here to download the Recommended Disbursement Schedule


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